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Smart Goals


Team Members: South Mountain Staff

School SMART Goal: 80% of students will reach the proficient level of common core skills as demonstrated on the assessments that accompany the Envision and Expressions math programs. 80% of students will show an increase in their math skills from the winter to the spring on AIMSweb math screener.

Team SMART Goal

Strategies and Action Steps


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Target Date or Timeline

Who is Responsible?

Evidence of Effectiveness/



Implement an uninterrupted 60 minute math time that focuses on the math programs and the CCSS

WSD Key interest 1 and 2


2013-2014-ready to implement in the Fall of 2013

Scheduling committee and classroom teachers

Teacher will be implementing the math program with fidelity during a 60 minute math block

Envisions and Expressions math materials, CCSS

Begin to look at and implement math interventions during our I/E time for students showing risk in math

WSD Key interest 1 and 2

RtI research and SLD law

2013-2014-2nd semester

Math leadership team and principal

Math leadership will provide a list of possible interventions

RtI site and Jason Myers

Discuss student progress in PLC groups and fluidly group as needed

WSD Key Interest 1 and 2

2013-2014 school year

PLC grade level teams, school psychologist

PLC notes

PLC time and math data

Attend math PG&D that helps develop teacher capacity to teach to the common core standards

WSD Key Interest 1, 2, and 5

2013-2014 school year

School psychologist, classroom teachers, district and building leadership

Staff attendance and increased understanding of CCSS and how to deliver instruction to support math expectations

PG&D schedule on new math materials



RtI team will collect data from AIMSweb screening and use it to guide decision making



WSD Key Interest 1, 2 and 5 Progress monitoring and RtI research




2013-2014 January-June




School psychologist, lead interventionist, building principal, SAT



RtI grouping of students in need of interventions



AIMSweb data

Teacher’s will begin to build an understanding of the Educator Effectiveness Model and how their instructional practices can be improved

WSD Key Interests

1, 2, 5

2013-2014 school year

Classroom teacher, building principal, district leadership

Teachers will have a stronger understanding of the EE model and be able to identify the 4 domains of FFT

EE and FFT information from Charlotte Danielson